The Mysterious Wu Fang was launched in September 1935. Written by Robert J. Hogan. The series “starred” the sinister oriental villain, Wu Fang. While one could look at Fu Manchu as someone wanting to liberate Asia from the West, Wu Fang was just motivated by the joy of killing and wanted to rule the world.

The series ran a total of seven issues until March 1936. There was apparently continuity from issue to issue. The stories included:

  • “The Case of the Six Coffins, (September 1935)
  • “The Case of the Scarlet Feather, (October 1935) – Art by Jerome Rozen
  • “The Case of the Yellow Mask, (November 1935) – Art by Jerome Rozen
  • “The Case of the Suicide Tomb, (December 1935)
  • “The Case of the Green Death, (January 1936)
  • “The Case of the Black Lotus, (February 1936)
  • “The Case of the Hidden Scourge, (March 1936) – Art by Jerome Rozen

In May 1936, just two months later, a new series with an oriental villain came out: Dr. Yen Sin. And it seems to be using the cover artwork (by Jerome Rozen) planned for the next issue of The Mysterious Wu Fang as well. The series was written by Donald Keyhoe.

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